Phosphoros by the hidden variables

A thing of fire...

It ignites and exhausts; it glows and blinds; it's a not a miracle, if anything, it's spherical. 

The desire we kindle inside bares the essence of the universe. Separated by motion, the illusion of disconnected souls blinds the true nature of our eternally moving puzzle fluctuating in an instance of distance.

Entitlements and privilege are a detriment for our world as it' the greatest obstacle if we are to ever see a world of equal opportunities for every child. We are in charge of our own destiny as we are self-determining entities of free will. No one is going to save you from your life, only you have the power to do so.

You don't have to see the light, be the light.

We are The Hidden Variables.

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So, if you feel inspired, take a breath from the gods and wonder.


The Heredox by Gno One

Unpopular Opinion

We must embrace the Divine spark in us all, not just a hand full. We didn't evolve all this way to just be "nice" but to maximize our potential. Respect and kindness, rationally, comes with this. The golden rule would rule.
Rational science must rule, not solely by observation. If you want a show for the eyes then go to a magic show to observe.

See beyond race, nationality, possessions, gender and pierce through the mind of another. That is one step to understanding and helping the community of the world we live in.

Change is permanent. A new world is in order so that the playing field is leveled where what you know takes you further than who you know, where guilt isn't branded on souls when entering this world, and where everyone is held accountable for their actions.

In a hundred years, this unorthodox work, it is hoped, would be rendered irrelevant for the world will have changed for the better. The intelligent would rule and privileged hoarders shall cease to rule.

"Heredox" is a derivative of heterodox; the minority opinion. Heretic translates from the Greek word "hairetikos" which means "able to choose." In this life, choose wisely.

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This information is aimed at those who would like to grasp some of the most intellectual concepts in art and poetry without invoking feelings but rather thought. Words may paint a picture and a picture may paint a thought.

About Me


My Background

I'm an artist who took it upon himself to depict radical yet rational ideals backed by ontological mathematical proofs of reality. I share here current and previous works before such illuminating ideals came pierced my perception of thought. Pinups where a previous niche favored and are still used to maintain and calibrate skill levels. There is very little to say about myself other than I'm simply trying to understand the other because without understanding the other, we cannot know the world and in turn, ourselves.


My Medium

Different mediums from oils on canvas, pencil on paper to digital pens on digital slates have been used. Expensive programs on high profile duopoly systems are not necessary to produce detailed works of art. Pixels, filters, brushes, and skill are all that is needed to produce creativity of value. Subscriptions need not be purchased as it' not a necessity, only talent guided by concepts.

This is an ambigram of the words Ontological Mathematics in a circular, tautological style.

My Inspiration

I am inspired by what I learn from the books I read. The motivation comes from the idea that whatever I'm able to comprehend may also be comprehended by others. To translate words into art is most satisfying, especially if it can spark a new idea to the viewer.

Partaking in a paradigm shift with may great people, talented in various ways, is truly magnificent special. Writers, artists, speakers...all motivational in an ever dialectic battle for the supremacy of reason. Reason itself inspires as it is the very weapon that can sort out wrongs carried out by leeches, privateers, takers, and beneficiaries of inequality

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